Mary Ward is a visual artist, living and working in Knoxville Tn. and is indeed quite contrary. She is an INFP, empath, Aries, youngest of six, southerner, and a mover and a shaker. Although she is a walking hot mess express, she makes it work for her rather than let the chaos win. Her work is a direct reflection of her interest in the underbelly, the odd and wonky, and the ephemeral. She visually challenges the hierarchy of fine art and low brow aesthetics. Kitsch is her bread and butter, and she remains a champion of the under dog. From a background in life drawing and hand lettering, an interest in thread as a drawing tool has emerged, that is historically reserved for women and not held in high value. Mary wants her work to be accessible yet specific. A constant question for the artist is how we as a culture and as unique individuals form and maintain our value systems and what informs these sometimes unconscious decisions of one bias over another, even in our preferences of our visual stimuli, and questions of control. 

Mary Ward graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2010 with a BFA in Painting and Drawing. Along with artist and bestie DJ Wagner, she maintains a studio practice in Fourth and Gill, Knoxville. No project is too big or too small.